Not only do we specialize in VW, Audi and SEAT we also work on BMW and Mercedes.


We specialize in the following:

▪Minor and Major Service

▪Brake Pads and Disc Replacements

▪Clutch Kit Replacement

▪Cam-belt Replacement

▪C.V Joints and Drive Shaft Replacement

▪Gearbox Repairs

▪Engine Overhauls

▪Turbo Replacement

▪Performance Upgrades


▪Aircon Repairs and Regas

▪Suspension Repairs

▪And Many More


Dealing with most aftermarket warranties we make the claiming process easier. We log the claim, send the information required, follow up on authorization and follow up on payment once the work has been carried out.

Trust the Specialists to take care of you and your vehicle.


Contact us today to make your booking or to request for your quote.




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